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 Simple Filters - Introduction
These filters have no adjustable settings, this limits their usefulness, but it also makes them much quicker and easier to use. Each filter is shown with an image which uses a 'mouseover', move the mouse over the image to see what it does, click the image to download a zip file with just that filter in it or click the link in the 'Download' section to get all 10 filters here. See the help section if you need more information on downloading and installing filters. For more information and links to pages by people I like, have a look at the credits section.
 Simple Filters - Index
  Quick Tile
Half Wrap
Top Left Mirror
Centre Tile
Zoom Out and Flip
Blintz Tile
Horizontal grain
Pizza Slice Mirror
Four Way Average
Download and Bonus Pack
 Simple Filters - Quick Tile
offset New! Instant Magic Tile maker, merges the image with itself 'half wrapped'(see below), using super secret artificial intelligence... probably.
 Simple Filters - Half Wrap
HALFWAY Moves the image 50% down and 50% to the right, note that this is based on the Visual Manipulation slipthrough filter though the code is different, thanks to Mario for all his help in the past.
 Simple Filters - Top Left Mirror
tlm Takes the the top left hand quarter and tiles the image, note that this image will always be tilable
 Simple Filters - Centre Tile
ct Takes the middle of the image and flips it over so that it will tile.
 Simple Filters - Zoom Out and Flip
zof Takes image and reduces it in size, filling the edges with flipped and mirrored segments so that it will tile.
 Simple Filters - Blintz
Blintz Mirrors each quarter of the image across its diagonal. It will tile if the image is top left mirrored and the image is square
 Simple Filters - Diamond
di Rotates the image by 45 degrees, Mirrors each quarter and fills in the corners. It will tile if the image is square
 Simple Filters - Horizontal Grain
hg Interleaves the image in rows of three greyscale levels
 Simple Filters - Pizza Slice Mirror
Pizza slice Mirrors the image based on a triangular wedge (can you spot which wedge is the base?)
 Simple Filters - Four Way Average
pizza slice Averages the image pixel values with the mirror image (horizontal and vertical)
 Downloads and Bonus Pack
bonus pack The complete set of 10 filters and why not grab a few extra while you are at it? These are the Horizontal Half Wrap and the Vertical Half Wrap filters which are great for checking a tile matches in one direction (for example a 'side border' background). Also included is a quick way to make quarter corners - why would you want to do that? Read this site to see!
 Simple Filters - Help
If the following checklist isn't enough to help you get going then feel free to contact me, Sandy Blair, at Any feedback is welcome!

1. Unzip the files into your plugins folder.

The files on here are in a format called zip, it is a way of packaging up and compressing files so they are quicker to transfer over the internet.

If you don't have a program to restore them back you can get one here. Winzip

Each zip file contains a small text file, and a 8BF file, it is the 8BF file you need to copy into your plugins folder.

If you don't already have a specific folder on your computer for plug-ins you will need to create one. PSP users can call it 'plugins' or anything you like! Photoshop users probably already have one below the Photoshop directory.

2. Check you have msvcrt10.dll.

These Filters use a format originally designed for Adobe Photoshop, PSP can read this format, but it needs an additional file called msvcrt10.dll to be placed in the Windows/System folder.

A zipped copy of msvcrt10.dll

3. Check you are pointing to the plugins folder.


Select File
- Preferences
- General Program Preferences...
- Select the Plug-in Filters tab.

Ensure there is a tick in the 'Enable filters' box and that the 'folders' list points to your plugins folder.

4. Check the image is 16 million colors.

Select Colors
- Increase Color Depth

5. Select the Filter.

Click on Image - Plugin Filters.
You should see a menu of filters, choose the Simple one and then choose one of the filters. It will apply the transformation to your image.

 Simple Filters - Credits and Links

Thanks to:
Linda Cole
Randy Lewis
Janet Otremba
Fritz Wagoner
the Filter Factory Discussion list folks

If you find these filters useful then feel free to link back to me (you don't have to though!), you can use the little icon at the side if you wish, but you don't have to do that either. Please don't link to the downloadable files directly, and please do not copy the files and offer them for download on your own web page.

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